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Since its establishment in 1920 the University of Yangon has provided the young Myanmar nationals with a high standard of education needed to face the challenges of the world. It has prepared the students to confidently face life. These aims have been successfully realized. It has produced world-renown scientists and educators who have gained respect and prestige in many international organizations, not least in the various agencies of the United Nations Organization. Even now many of the Yangon University's graduates are excelling in their chosen fields both abroad and in-country. Many foreign educational institutions and educationists has also acknowledged the high caliber of instruction and the facilities of the University. Consequently the University has been able to sign many Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with foreign universities and institutions of higher education. This has further strengthened the University of Yangon's leadership in the academic field. Many foreign NGOs have on-going field expeditions and research projects together with the various departments of the University.

It is also a proud member of the ASEAN Universities' Network (AUN). Not only in the education sector but also in many other sectors of human activities the Yangon University graduates has proved their high caliber of competence. There are sport personalities, there are famous entertainers and there are even movie stars. There never has been any gender discrimination. The majority of the students in many disciplines are girls. Most Professors and Heads of the Teaching Departments are also ladies. Graduates of both genders from the University has achieved high positions commensurate with their academic backgrounds, be it in the public or the private sector, based entirely on their own merit. Religion is also no obstacle for getting an education at the University of Yangon. The academic staff come from various religious backgrounds. Students from assorted religious faiths are friends during their student life and stay life-long friends even when the University days are over. The Yangon University also is a meeting place for our cousins from many different national groups living in the country. They come from the delta, they come from the plains and they come from the mountains. Many are from remote small villages and some are from big towns. Some may be rich but others are from simple ordinary families. But from wherever they arrive, whatever their backgrounds they are all welcomed as students of the Yangon University.

The University of Yangon has maintained proudly throughout its history a reputation as a grand institution providing a high caliber of knowledge and education. Matured and experienced the University of Yangon is even more ready now to face the challenges of the new knowledge-based age. This is the mission it will continue into the 21st century.

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