Activities for the Renovation and Upgrading

12-3-2013: Meeting with delegations from AUSAID headed by Lady Khae Schosiklt, Principal Specialist in Education in Tertiary at Hluttaw I-12, Nay Pyi Taw 12-3-2013: Meeting with delegations from AUSAID headed by Lady Khae Schosiklt, Principal Specialist in Education in Tertiary at Hluttaw I-12, Nay Pyi Taw


At the first Pyithu Hulttaw fifth regular meeting, the proposal to renovate and upgrade the University of Yangon was submitted by Daw Aung San Su Kyi on 9 November 2013 and the Pyithu Hluttaw approved the proposal. After the approval, the Committee on Renovation and Upgrading the University of Yangon was established in December 2012. The Committee is composed of 17 members and chaired by Daw Aung San Su Kyi. Under the leadership of the Committee, major renovation and structural development will be implemented without damaging the original design and campus. The grand structure and unique campus have been the symbol of image and tradition of the University of Yangon. The major renovation will bring its great image while the original design and campus will be intact. At the same time, the upgrading of education of University of Yangon will be carried out . The educational standard of the University of Yangon will be promoted to be international standard and its educational quality will be outstanding again to bring its prestige of the past.



University of Yangon was one of the most prestigious universities in the region due to its grand structure and high educational standard. With this legacy in mind, the objective is to implement major renovation and to upgrade its educational quality to reach international standard.

Plans to be implemented in the Process

The plans for major renovation and structural development are as follows:-

  1. to make major renovation, maintaining the original forms and image and taking into account the durability of these buildings
  2. to construct more buildings according to administrative, academic, social and research needs of the university
  3. to uplift the image of the university campus with appropriate landscaping
  4. to improve water and electricity supply, sewage treatment and  ICT facilities

The Plans for upgrading of educational quality are as follows:-

  1. Capacity upgrading of teaching staff: training of trainers
  2. Curriculum  development in response to current national needs and reforms and in line with regional and global trends
  3. Development and upgrading of learning-teaching technologies including ICT
  4. Development of modern (electronic) library
  5. Laboratory development including facilities
  6. Promotion of research culture in the university: provision of facilities and training for applied research and thesis work
  7. Provision of learning-teaching aids and ICT facilities: training of appropriate staff for their effective use
  8. Continuing education: promotion of adult learning principle and practice for pursuit of higher studies and independent life-long learning
  9. Closer collaboration and networking with regional and global academic institutions and appropriate INGOs
  10. Collaboration with organizations, governmental departments, training schools, and industries
  11. Development of qualified, competent and motivated human resource in response to national needs – both social and professional and relevant to regional and global changes and trends
  12. Development of academic and social environment conducive to professional and total development of graduates

Activities of the Committee

The Committee on Renovation and Upgrading the University of Yangon formed the four sub-committees. They are

(1) the Sub-Committee for Fund Raising,

(2) the Sub-Committee for Management and Allocation of Fund,

(3) the Sub-Committee for Renovation and

(4) the Sub-Committee for Promotion of Educational Quality.

These sub-Committees continuously discuss the follow-up activities under their objectives concerned through meetings.

Visit to UK

One of the activities of the Committee is sending a study tour for education reform and upgrading the University of Yangon. The delegation comprises Dr. Myo Myint, Deputy Education Minister , MPs Dr. Mya Oo, Director Dr. Aung Myat Kyaw from the Science and Technology Ministry from May 1-3, 2013.


The University is now upgrading with government budget both in terms of hard ware and soft ware. The Committee has also held meeting with delegations from AUSAID in assisting for infrastructure development.

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