Department of Mathematics

This Department was also created together with YangonUniversity in 1920. There are 81 staff members in the Department.The Department offers Masterof Science, Master of Research and Ph.D degrees.

Students studying for the Master of Science in Mathematics have two main streams:

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Engineering

Mathematics. The Mathematics Departmentstarted the doctoral programmein 1994 and there are now 13Ph.D degree holders inMathematics awarded by the Department.

The Mathematics Department also offers courses leading to Master, Master of Research and Doctor ofPhilosophy(Ph.D) degrees inmathematical science.The Mathematics Departmentis also actively associated withthe HRD programme andconducts courses on EngineeringMathematics leading to aBachelor of Science in Engineering{B.5c (Engg)} as well ascertificate and diploma courseson applied and advancedcomputing. The Mathematics Department is currently engaged in such fields as Applied Mathematics, Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Computational Mathematics, Statistics and Probability Theory, Algebraic Topology, DiscreteMathematics and Graph Theory.

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